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ECornell Preparing Your Data for Analysis Spreadsheet

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DYS541: Getting Started with Spreadsheet Modeling and Business Analytics Dyson, Cornell SC Johnson College of Business Course Project Part One: Preparing Your Data for Analysis Instructions: We have just opened a bakery, Cornell Cupcakes, that produces cupcakes that customers can customize to their preference. After collecting data from our first successful month, we need to clean up the following worksheets so we can analyze our performance. Please look at the following instructions and use them as a guide to clean up and organize the data. Good luck! On the "July Orders" worksheet, insert a row at the top of the worksheet and add the title "July Cornell Cupcake Orders" in bold by merging Columns A:E. Adjust the column widths, use borders, format prices, and fill in the order numbers in ascending numerical order. Add a custom header by typing your name and company name in the top right corner. Then use the function buttons to insert the date and page number underneath your name and the company name. Using the pricing scheme table on the right, calculate the total cost per order. The cost of topping is calculated per cupcake (e.g. there is a toppings fee of $0.50 per topping per cupcake). Insert formulas to calculate the total amount of cupcakes ordered in Cell B15 and the total cost of all orders in Cell D15. Be sure to use relative references. Italicize B15 and D15. Cornell Cupcakes is piloting a delivery service. In Cell E15, display how many orders used the delivery serv ...
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