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Training and Developing Employees PPT

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Training and Developing Employees Orienting Employees • Employee orientation A procedure for providing new employees with basic information about the firm. • Formal or informal, depending on the size of the organization. • Orientation may be done by the supervisor, the HRM staff or some combination. The Purpose of New-Employee Orientation (cont’d) • A successful orientation should accomplish four things for new employees: – Make them feel welcome and at ease. – Help them understand the organization in a broad sense. – Make clear to them what is expected in terms of work and behavior. – Help them begin the process of becoming socialized into the firm’s ways of acting and doing things. The Orientation Process Company Organization and Operations Employee Benefit Information HR Policies Employee Orientation Safety Measures and Regulations Organization Values Daily Routine 8–4 The CEO’s Role in Orientation – Welcome employees. – Provide a vision for the company. – Introduce company culture -- what matters. – Convey that the company cares about employees. – Allay some new employee anxieties and help them to feel good about their job choice. Employee Training • Training – The process of teaching the employees the basic skills they need to perform their jobs. • Training is distinctly different from education. Education normally gives broader knowledge of a particular subject. Training has specific role & useful purpose than e ...
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