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Cognitive Overload in Math Presentation

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February 27, 2020 – MAT 187 Beats – D3 Beats – D3 Cognitive overload – Cognitive overload is a situation where the teacher gives too much information or too many tasks to learners simultaneously, resulting in the learner being unable to process this information. (from: In math, this can often be caused by dealing with too many variables, rather than actual numbers. 300 MPH Torrential Outpour Blues – D3 Today, we will solve and then simplify the initial-value problem: Although it looks like a bad idea, we will define a variable to help us. We will also require . Want and Able – D3 Step 1: Put the ODE in standard form (i.e., with coefficient of 1 for rid of . ) and then get Effect... – D3 Step 2) Write the auxiliary equation and solve for the complementary solution. Do not look at the initial values yet – we need and . ...and Cause – D3 Step 3) Use the method of undetermined coefficients to find the particular solution. Passive Manipulation – D3 Step 4) Solve the initial-value problem. On and On and On – D3 Now, we can clean this a little. Black Math – D3 The average of and is . So, we can write: Giving us: Step 5) Expand and simplify the expression . Conquest – D3 Has the solution It Might Get Loud – D3 What does this look like? What does it do? Beats – D3 What does this look like when A B and are not too close to each other? C D ...
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