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E-Types Strategy Implementation Presentation

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E-TYPES STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION 3 ELEMENTS OF STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION AT FOCUS 1. Goals and metrics, performance management systems 2. Organizational structure 3. Resistance and risks THE STRATEGY e-Types will broaden its capabilities while maintaining its brand image as an edgy firm by adopting a strong mentoring culture. GOALS AND METRICS, PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS  Expected state: e-Types will subject them to employee performance reviews by senior designers to track their progress  Substantiate: the development of junior designers into edgy and unique designers can be monitored, which is essential to e-Types in maintaining its capability and branding as an edgy and unique design firm  Specific actions: Performance review will be held quarterly, based on the designs produced and other creative contributions made in that quarter. Some ways that the latter data could be collected is through evaluations from senior designers that have directly worked with the junior employee. In order to quantify these assessments, a scorecard can be designed: for example, criteria such as creativity, customer satisfaction, originality, proficiency in design software, and other skills can be rated out of 10. A designated mentor, who does not work with the employee on any engagements, will provide objective feedback based on this performance review at the end of each quarter. ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE  Expected state: e-Types will introduce many ranks as possible ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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