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E – Types Graphic Design Company Presentation

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E - Types  E – Types is a graphic design company which creates logos or identities for the companies. It is founded by two new graduate designers in Denmark. They are growing especially in international business. E - Types  In the short run (for the competition), they should present both of the logos they designed but by considering the company vision, they should work to make the client choose the edgy one. They can tell them about their thoughts about the edgy designs. They can use the reference of their clients. Concisely, they have to make the client fell the same about the edgy designs. I think their approach to designs is the reason of invitation to the competition so It would not be so difficult to make the client believe in the edgy logo.  In the long run, after they enough money and strength. They can buy a new design company or merger with a design company which produces classic logos. By the help of this strategy, they will split the clients for two different company which has different visions. Designers who like edgy designers will stay in E- Types and have the chance of revolutionize the design world. By the help of the new company which is a subsidize of E- Types will create classic logos and they will be available for a broad client portfolio. E - Types   Communication For the Implementation of the recommended strategies. Managers can publish memos that include the long term perspective of the company and the logic behind the strat ...
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