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Marketing Management Comparative Response Matrix Paper

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Nirma University
Analytical Review
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Institute of Management (INMU) Nirma University, Ahmedabad Topic- Comparative Response Matrix 18th July 2019 Marketing Management Assignment 1 Submitted By: Submitted To: Shalvika Bhargava (191246) Shashank Saxena (191247) Prof. Prabhat K. Yadav Shashwat Shrivastava (191248) Shishir Gadhave (191249) Shivangi Bhargava (191250) 1 Introduction Marketing Mix: Marketing Mix provides the tools and sets of activities that need to be performed to make your product reach to the customer efficiently and effectively. This will leads to achievement of organizational goals. Marketing Mix gives the concept of 4 P’s Marketing Mix Price Product Place Promotion 1. Product: Products are the goods and services produced by the manufacture by keeping in mind the market demand. 2. Price: Price is the value of the goods and services that customer pays for using them. 3. Place: Place is the placement of the product or services in terms of position and distribution. So, that they can easily available to the consumer. 4. Promotion: Promotion is the way to provide information to the consumer and make them aware of the goods and services. The change in these elements is used by the competitors to differentiate their products from the other players in the market. Many companies use comparative response matrix to deal with these elements. 2 Bibliography: For Comparative response matrix Benson p shapiro, H.B.R. (1985). Harvard Business Review. Retrieved SEPTEMBER 1985, from https:/ ...
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