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International Current Event Questionnaire Paper

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Name:Gabriella Ponziano Section: 9AM International Current Event Questionnaire 1. Give a brief description of the international event, including enough background to provide context. (What happened? When? Where?) On March 19, 2020 Russian Defense Ministry announced that President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian Military to start sending medical aid to Italy in battling the Coronavirus pandemic. Italy, being one of the first countries that took a huge hit from COVID-19, has still continued to struggle after hitting their peak. ​ Many regions in Italy are still experiencing high number of deaths and the spread of COVID-19, as a result, “the Russian leader had offered his support and help in the form of mobile disinfection vehicles, specialists to aid the worst hit Italian regions, deliver eight mobile brigades of military medics, and special disinfection vehicles and other medical equipment to Italy”1 Historically, Italy and Russia have had a friendly relationship, so this order to help aid Italy in this crisis is not a surprise. When looking at the past relationship between Italy and Russia, officially starts under the leadership of Mussolini who “​modeled his National Fa ...
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