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Rewrite Syrian Nationalism Paper

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Amal Al Mohammad Dr.Maha Nassar MENA/HIST 277B Syrian Nationalism After the fall of the Ottoman caliphate in Syria, France and Britain had a major role in provoking crises and drawing the borders of Syria. The world war ended and the Ottoman caliphate ended after the Great Arab Revolution and the popular committees in Syria. Syria was placed under the French mandate, after the interventions and orders given by Major General Gouraud, the commander of the French forces in the region, which directed King Faisal to put the railways at the disposal of the French forces.The Syrians had to accept the mandate without conditions and objections, because of the weakness of the government during that period of time. Also became dealings in paper currency issued by France, but despite this, the Syrian national movement succeeded. Among the components that helped Syria to build a strong and coherent national movement are the freedom of religions and sects, a strong commitment to lands by the people during the French Mandate and higher education. But at the same time, Syria faced very difficult challenges during the national movement at the time, namely the weakness of the political and economic movement, which made the success of the national movement more difficult and complex. Since the demographics in Syria were not homogeneous due to the ethnic and religious diversity ”​69 percent were Sunni Muslims and 16 percent were heterodox Muslims (Alawites, Druzes, Ismailis). As for the 14 ...
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