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Questionnaires Data Collection Methods PPT

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1 Chapter 9 Data Collection Methods: Questionnaires 1 Principles of Questionnaire Design. 2 Questionnaire Design  Definition A questionnaire is a pre-formulated, written set of questions to which the respondent records his answers  Steps 1. Determine the content of the questionnaire 2. Determine the form of response 3. Determine the wording of the questions 4. Determine the question sequence 5. Write cover letter 3 Types of Questionnaire  Personally administered questionnaires  Mail Questionnaires  Electronic and Online Questionnaires 4 Personally administered questionnaires  When the survey is confined to a local area a good way to collect data is to personally administer the questionnaires.  The main advantage of this is that the researcher or a member of the research team can collect all the completed responses within a short period of time. Any doubts that the respondents might have on any question can be clarified on the spot.  The researcher also has the opportunity to introduce the research topic and motivate the respondents to offer their frank answers.  Administering questionnaires to large numbers of individuals at the same time is less expensive and consumes less time than interviewing; equally, it does not require as much skill to administer a questionnaire as it does to conduct interviews. Wherever possible, questionnaires are best administered personally because of these advantages.  A disadvant ...
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