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RMT 620 Bahria University Methods in Business Research Final Exam

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Assignment Guidelines by the Teacher
Assignment Submission: MS Word/PDF file with snapshots of handwritten response.
Caution: Plagiarism and sharing-similarity comes under use of unfair means, if found in
response assignment by the students, it shall be dealt with in accordance with BU examination
Attempt all questions.
a) How is the interval scale more sophisticated than the nominal and ordinal scale? [02 marks]
Answer: The nominal scale highlights the differences and ordinal scale provide additional
information on differences. Whereas, the interval scale provides information on the
magnitude of the differences in the variable.
b) Why is the ratio scale considered to be the most powerful of the four scales? [02 Marks]
Answer: the ratio scale has all qualities of other three scale. It is precise in quantifying the data
needed, and very organized.
c) Define Chronbach’s alpha. What does it measure? For which kind of data it can be used? And
define the ranges of “Excellent”, “Good”, “acceptable”, ‘Poor” and “unacceptable”.[4 Marks]
It is the foremost common measure of internal consistency ("reliability"), how closely
related a set of items are as a group.
It is most ordinarily used once you have multiple Likert questions during a
survey/questionnaire that form a scale and you would like to work out if the size is reliable.
expressed as variety between 0 and 1.
Chronbach’s alpha
Internal Consistency
α ≥ 0.9
0.7 ≤ α ≤ 0.9
0.6 ≤ α ≤ 0.7
Final Assessment Assignment Spring 2020
Course Code / Title: RMT 620/Methods in Business Research Class: MBA-Weekend
Course Instructor: Dr. Mubashir Ali Khan, Dr. Sayma Zia Marks: 50
Assignment Upload Date and Time by the Teacher:
Assignment Completion / Upload Date and Time by the Student:
Student’s Name: ________Zain Velji__ Reg. No: 02-320182-001_________

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0.5 ≤ α ≤ 0.6
α ≤ 0.5
d) State any three possible reasons of low values of Chronbach’s alpha. [2 Marks]
Answer: Three possible reason of low values of Chronbach’s alpha
low number of questions
Poor interrelatedness between items
Heterogeneous constructs
Describe a situation where you would consider the use of cluster sampling. [02 Marks]
Answer:Cluster sampling is usually utilized in marketing research. It’s used when a researcher
can’t get information about the population as an entire, but they will get information about the
clusters. for instance, a researcher could also be curious about data about city taxes in Karachi.
The researcher would compile data from selected cities and compile them to urge an image of
the state. The individual cities would be the clusters during this case.
Identify the relevant population for the following research, and suggest the appropriate sampling
design to investigate the issues, explaining why they are appropriate. Wherever necessary,
identify the sampling frame as well. [8 Marks]
a. A company wants to investigate the initial reactions of heavy soft‐drink users to a new “all
natural” soft drink.
Answer:Relevant Population: Initial Reaction and Heavy Soft drink users.
Sampling design: Initial Reactions Non-probability sampling.
Heavy Soft-drink users - Purposive sampling
b. A hospital administrator wants to find out if the single parents working in the hospital have a
higher rate of absenteeism than parents who are not single.
Answer:The population frame would be the hospital records from
which the knowledge is often directly extracted.
A stratified sampling designcan be used to look at if there are differences in absenteeism
within the two groups.
If the marital or parental status of the workers isn't available, then a
convenience sample of these who are known to be single parents and people who are
known to be no single parents are often wont to check their records for absenteeism.
c. The director of human resources wants to investigate the relationship between drug abuse and
dysfunctional behavior of blue‐collar workers in a particular plant.
Answer:Identifying drug abusers is extremely difficult, unless there's a compulsory drug
administered. Also, what's meant by ‘dysfunctional behaviors’ has got to be clearly