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Robin Hood Case Presentation

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Case: Robin Hood Submitted by : Group-5 Kattamuri Jayarajyalakshmi Navyashree P Prem Chandran Sowmyashree S Aniruddha Divyashree BS Submitted to: Prof. L. Gandhi 19025 19032 19039 19054 19128 19137 • Robin Hood had to hide in the Sherwood Forest after 2 years of insurrection against the High Sheriff of Nottingham. To take a stand against the sheriff, Robin Hood needed more allies. Case facts • . He set himself as the supreme ruler and he was the decision taker. The group started to grow larger, so Robin Hood established very strict discipline code. • The group kept on increasing in size and that created some problems such as food rationing and high cost of supplies • Robin thought that the solution for that would be to establish fixed transit tax instead of confiscating the good of the travellers, but his lieutenants were highly opposed to that. • Robin thought that killing the Sheriff could be a solution, but he feared that this would not make the situation better. • The other solution that Robin might consider is to join the conspiracy against the unpopular Prince. This option is highly risky because if they fail the consequences could be very bad. • Discipline issue: With growing members in his organization, it was becoming difficult to maintain the discipline. It was becoming harder to enforce discipline and there was a point where Robin did not have idea on who half of the members were. • Objective: Dethroning Sheriff was the objective we see a ...
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