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The Nirma Story Presentation

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THE NIRMA STORY GROUP-1 ABHAYAKRISHNA 19001 GAURAV MAHESHWARI 19019 KATTAMURI V N S JAYARAJYALAKSHMI 19025 Submitted to: Dr. H Gayathri RISHABH KUMAR 19043 SHRADDHA TIWARI 19049 About the company • Nirma was founded in 1969 by Karsanbhai Patel. • It was priced at Rs 3.50 per kg. • It was named after Karsanbhai Patel’s daughter Nirupama. • By 1985, it became one of the most popular detergent brands in many parts of the country. • Nirma became a Rs 17.17 billion company within 3 decades. • MISSION: “Better Products, Better Value, Better Living” • Tag Line: “Sabki pasand Nirma, washing powder Nirma” Road to success • By 1970s, Nirma dominated the detergent powder market by making the product available at an affordable price. • In 1990, Nirma entered the Indian toilet soaps with it’s Nirma beauty soap. • By 1999, Nirma became India’s second largest manufacturer of toilet by acquiring a 15% share of the 5,30,000 tonnes per annum toilet soap market. • By 1999-2000, Nirma had also garnered a 38% share of India’s 2.4 million tonnes detergent market. HLL’s share was 31% for the same period. Road to success (contd.) • Nirma’s success was attributed to it’s focus on cost effectiveness. • Nirma focussed on selling high-value products at lowest possible price. • The company endeavored to keep improving quality while cutting costs. • Backward integration programme was adopted by the company. • Nirma also curtailed its ...
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