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ENG 3105 Houston Community College Drawbacks of Apple Presentation

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Houston community college
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• BY SUNAINA KUNWAR DRAWBACKS OF APPLE INC. • PROFESSOR DANIEL BURT • ENG3105 • 04/22/2020 AGENDA • Introduction • Discussion • Solution • Conclusion • References APPLE INC. PURPOSE OF THE REPORT • Analyze drawbacks of the Apple Inc.. • Discuss technology challenge, competition challenge, leadership challenge, and economy challenge along with solution. PROBLEMS • Scandals among Samsung company and others. • More focused on making money out of scandals and other platforms rather than focusing on creativeness and innovation of its products. PROBLEMS CONTD. • Competition Challenge: Socio-cultural Divergences, Pricing strategy. • Technology Challenge: Low sales of Mac, No unique innovations. • Leadership Challenge • Economy Challenge SOLUTION For Competition Challenge: • Make the pricing strategy sensible by using some extra-ordinary approach. LEADERSHIP APPROACH • Empowering their employees to better participation and decision making. • Translate into a better environment of creativity and innovation. INNOVATIVE PRODUCTS • Do surveys and get customer feedbacks. This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY • Increase the sales of Mac is to improve powerful creation, of everything from films, to apps, to VR. SALES SHARE OF THE APPLE IPHONE BY MODEL IN THE UNITED STATES FROM 2014 TO 2019 iPhone sales vs Mac iPhone Sales 2006-2018 MAC sales 2006-2018 CONCLUSION • Focus on creativeness and innovati ...
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