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Organization Development and Change Management Quiz Practice

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Organization Development and Change Management Quiz 1 1. Which of the following is included in the definition of OD? a. OD applies to an entire system b. OD is concerned with planned change c. OD encompasses strategy, structure, and process changes d. all of these are correct 2. Organization development distinguishes itself from change management by which of the following characteristics? a. addressing the effective sequence of leadership issues that produce organization improvements b. focusing narrowly on cost, quality, and schedule c. focusing on the development of knowledge and skills to problem solve and manage future change d. taking a broadly focused approach that can apply to any kind of change 3. The first "T-groups" were formed a. to facilitate decision making. b. to work on group projects. c. to make the group more cohesive. d. to provide feedback about group interactions. 4. The assumption underlying the use of survey feedback in OD is that a. surveys are the best way to collect data. b. surveys allow one to collect a great deal of data. c. surveys can provide feedback to the organization and be used to initiate change. d. responses and surveys are easily interpreted. 5. According to the Managerial Grid, an individual's style can best be described as a. the way he or she dresses b. his or her concern for production and people c. how he or she interacts with management d. the way he or she deals with problems 6. The second phase of the QWL movement has ...
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Just what I was looking for! Super helpful.