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Purdue University Global What Is a GMO and Biotechnology Presentation

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UNIT 5: GMO’S Alondra Negrete Purdue University Global What is a GMO?  A GMO also know as genetically modified organism is the process where genes from the DNA is alter in a laboratory environment.(GMO Education. 2013)  GMOs appear in 95% in the United States production, they are almost everything no matter what.  In the next few slides we are going to talk over GMO terms, pros and cons. BIOTECHNOLOGY (Answers GMO 2013)  Biotechnology tie together cellular and biomolecular and develop technologies. Biological processes has been used for 6,000 years to create suitable food products like bread, cheese, and to preserve dairy products. (What is Biotechnology? 2019)  Biotechnology is increasing very fast making easier to produce food in greater quantity. Doing so, the food will last longer.  The video to the left is an example of how GMOs are necessary.  (Double click on the video.) Genetic engineering  When (Videos, E.-W. 2015) Answers GMO 2013) it comes to Genetic engineering, its basically the method of utilizing recombinant DNA (rDNA) technology to modify the genetic makeup of an organism. Usually, human beings have manipulated genomes indirectly by controlling the breeding and selecting certain offspring with the traits most suitable. (Genetic Engineering. 2015)  Watch the video to see exactly what generic engineering is. Genetically Modified Food (American, 2013)  Based on the GMO Education the commercialized GM of ...
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