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DSO 510 What Is Supply Chain Analytics PowerPoint

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Supply Chain Analytics Priyank Bhavsar DSO 510 Traditional ERP/SCM Systems • Traditional supply-chain management systems, while valuable for automating operations, are not designed to feed the crucial decisionmaking. • This is because SCM/ERP systems reflect only what has already happened instead of what is happening or will happen. • Adding analytical capability can provide the forward-looking guidance that yields better, more-informed decisions. 2 What is Supply Chain Analytics • Because traditional planning systems tend to rely only on historical sales data to forecast demand. • In modern markets, economic and demand volatility are commonplace. • Predicting demand accurately in such conditions requires sophisticated math based forecasting that can include downstream consumption data such as point-of-sales data, and model the impact of sales promotions, price, and other factors on demand. • The data in the systems can to derive real-time insights and use that information to optimize future decisions: • What will be the impact of increasing prices on demand? • Which promotion will have a higher impact on sales? • We have limited production capacity — should we produce more of Product A or more of Product B to meet our revenue and margin goals? • Most of the organizations are planning to increase their investments in Analytics with a bulk of it going to supply chain function because it holds the greatest potential for innovation and competitive ad ...
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