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ENGR 1101 Introduction to Engineering Final Exam

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ENGR 1101 – Fall 2001 Introduction to Engineering Final Exam 1. This examination is closed book. 2. This test contains problems, multiple choice questions, short answer questions, and an essay question 3. Please show all your work for consideration of partial credit Name:________________________ Date:_________________________ Multiple Choice Questions Question 1. (12 points) Within engineering there are basic classifications of jobs that are common across the various engineering disciplines. Match the description of the engineering job function with the titles: (1) Test Engineer, (2) Design Engineer, (3) Analysis Engineer, (4) Research Engineer, (5) System Engineer, (6) Development Engineer ( ) Engineers that explore fundamental principles of chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics in order to overcome barriers preventing advancement in their field. An advanced degree is required and often a Ph.D. is needed. ( ) Engineers that bridge the gap between laboratory research and full-scale production. Engineers take the knowledge acquired by the researchers and apply it to a specific product or application. ( ) Engineers responsible for designing and implementing tests to verify the integrity, reliability, and quality of products before they are introduced to the public. They devise ways to simulate the conditions a product will be subjected to during its life. ( ) Engineers responsible for providing the detailed specifications of the products society uses. T ...
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