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HUSC 101 Ethics Considerations Paper

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Courtney Bosse HUSC 101 October 9, 2019 Ethics Considerations Paper Reaction Paper #3 1. SPORTS TICKETS I would not except the sports tickets. I would explain to the client that it is a very strict policy that we are unable to accept any type of gifts. That would quickly be followed up by letting the client know how much I truly appreciate the gesture. I completely understand people wanting to give others gifts to say thank you, because I am a big gift giver. I'm not an overly affectionate person, so I usually choose to buy people things to show my affection. In my personal opinion, I don't feel all gifts need to be declined. I think they are a case-by-case decision. I think this is a time where you use your best judgment. This is where your intuitiveness and judgment will come in handy. Obviously if it's a single man and you're a woman and it's a box of chocolates around Valentine's Day this is probably not an appropriate gift. However, if it's an elderly woman baking a cake, you can clearly bank on that being harmless, and let her know you and the rest of the team will enjoy it with lunch. 2. BEADED BRACELET 1 Absolutely, the cultural significance would affect my decision. ...
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