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Health Conditions Correlation with CVD Chart

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1 2 Module 2 Health Conditions Correlation Culture Social Determinants with CVD Asthma & CVD SIMILARITIES: (2) Poor health education. Affects blacks and SIMILARITIES: Both diseases tend to Hispanic children more than whites. (3) A lack of education in be concentrated in minorities. Both prevention messages are not reaching many high-risk communities. diseases tend to be focused on minorities. DIFFERENCES: Asthma is a disease affecting lungs and Smoking, poor diet, and lack of physical breathing, whereas CVD is diseased of the heart or arteries. Causes activity and common risk factors such as and treatment remedies are different as they affect different organs. low household incomes, poor working Asthma can affect children where CVD affects far fewer children conditions, genetics, high levels of stress, unless a child is born with a heart defect. However, Asthma can smoking affect individuals of all ages, whereas CVD typically affects adults. DIFFERENCES Children both to any Chronic airway inflammation can contribute to systemic income family may develop Asthma. inflammation and increase vulnerability (1). CVD is the leading Asthma risk may include outdoor air cause of death among all cultures in the US pollution, exposure to pests, mod, air 3 pollution. CVD risk factors include obesity, diabetes, dyslipidemia, and high blood pressure. HIV/AIDS & CVD Diabetes & CVD SIMILARITIES: Ethnic minorities shows the majority of those SIMILARITIES: Both di ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.