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7 Day Tour to France PPT

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Prepared: Anu FRANCE  France is a wonderful amalgamation of old-world charm and futuristic appeal; it is a place where people go to experience rustic cottages, alpine meadows, architectural delights, cobbled by lanes and picturesque cafes. Unfortunately, such is the appeal of France that covering it in a mere 7 days is next to impossible! However, if you decide to explore the country one region at a time, only then a 7day France itinerary is possible. For example, if planned properly, south of France tours can be done in a week. On your first day of France itinerary - 7 days, explore the city of love - Paris Home to the magnificent and super interesting Louvre Museum, the splendid Eiffel Tower, the famous boulevard of Champs-Elysées, the beautiful Arc de Triomphe and the Pantheon where the rich and the famous of France are buried, you will never face the question of ‘what to do in Paris’ while exploring the city! The abovementioned gems will keep you pretty occupied on day 1 in the Paris. You should definitely finish the day with a fascinatingly entertaining cabaret show at the world-famous Moulin Rouge. Second day in Paris should be full of experiences  Begin your day with a deliciously hefty breakfast at any one of the several antiquated cafes and brassieres that line the pretty Boulevard Saint-Germain. Follow it up with a stroll at one of the best places to visit in France- the Luxembourg Gardens. After this, visit the National Museum of Modern Art to be ...
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