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How to Go Through the Airport Presentation

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HOW TO GO THROUGH TO THE AIRPORT Prepared: Anu OVERVIEW . 1. Preparing for your flight 2. Checking in for your flight 3. Going through security 4. Checking in at your gate 5. Summary 2 HOW TO GO THROUGH TO THE AIRPORT? STEP BY STEP 3 Flying can be an extremely stressful experience, especially if it’s your first time navigating an airport. While there are many variables that can affect your flight, there is also a lot you can do to make sure you arrive at your plane on time and intact. PREPARING FOR YOUR FLIGHT 1. Confirm your flight • The night before you are scheduled to fly, check to make sure that everything is proceeding as planned. After purchasing your ticket, you should have received a confirmation e-mail from your airline. Check that confirmation to make sure the flight is still scheduled to take off on time. 4 2. PACK YOUR DOCUMENTS • You will not be allowed on a plane without your ticket and identification. For travelers over 18, a driver’s license or passport may suffice. Travelers under the age of 18 who are traveling with an adult companion may not be required to show identification. • If you are traveling internationally, you will not be allowed on the plane without a passport. • Keep your documents handy. You will need to show them when you check in as well as when you go through security, so don't pack them in a hard to reach area. 5 3. ARRIVE EARLY • There are many variables at play when you’re checking in for a flight ...
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