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Hotel Management How To Deal with Complaints PPT

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How to deal complaints at hotel P R E PA R E D : A N U DAT E : 1 4 . 0 4 . 2 0 2 0 • 1. Handling guest complaints • 2. Complaint handling flowchart Overview • 3. Major principles of guest handling • 4. More detailed information about 10 steps • 5. LEARN model • 6. Summary Handling guest complaints in hospitality industry is such an art which needs to be adopted by all hoteliers. There are some basic principles you need to know and use while handling any complaints raised by guests. These are some basic rules for the successful handling of complaints. If you ignore or forget any of these, a simple complaint can turn into a major issue. So, never dare to ignore. These are all basic but most powerful must follow principles of handling complaints. Guest Complaint Flowchart Major Principles of Guest handling ONE: Mind set up TWO: Using polite language THREE: Proper listening FOUR: Remaining calm FIVE: Showing sympathy SIX: Apology SEVEN: EIGHT: No accuse Never blame others NINE: Not try to make your guest wrong TEN: Be honest 1. Mind set up Setting up your mind is important. Keep good faith to help customer. It has been said that “Customer is the boss” or “Customer is always right”. So, never take any complaint personally. Try to be professional and handle each complaint with professionally. Generally people don’t complaint. If anyone complaint then try to understand his or her feelings. A complaint indicates that there must be loophole ...
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