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3 Day Tour to London Presentation

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3 DAY TOUR TO LONDON PREPARED: ANU SLIDE TITLE London is one of a very small, select group that can lay claim to being a truly great world city. The capital of England and the UK has more packed into it than many whole countries do. London can be visited at any time of year – it can be wonderful in all seasons. The parks are magnificent in spring, with the flower beds full and trees in blossom. In summer, the weather is balmy, the evenings long, and you can sit at some of the rooftop bars and enjoy amazing views over the city long into the evening. It is a city with an incredible wealth of history and heritage, and has long been a true melting pot of cultures and languages YOUR COMPANY NAME 2 DAY 1 IN LONDON Wake up fresh on your first morning in London! This day will take you around the heart of the city. 9:30 am – Westminster Abbey – the closest tube station is Westminster, a 4-minute walk away. Be at the Westminster Abbey when doors open to make sure you get as much time as possible to explore; doors open at 9:30 am and you can buy tickets in advance online. Westminster Abbey is one of London’s premier attractions; it is a 700-year-old building with mesmerizingly beautiful architecture and memorials to some of Britain’s most colorful characters within. Many famous monarchs, novelists, poets, and musicians are paid tribute to in Westminster Abbey, and the Coronation Chair, which is the oldest piece of furniture still used for its original purpose in the UK, ...
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