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7 Day Tour in Thailand PPT

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7-DAY TOUR IN THAILAND Prepared: Anu Thailand is an incredible destination with palaces, temples, markets, shopping, spas, friendly people, fine dining and some of the best hotels in the world. The word 'Thai' means freedom, so literally Thailand is the land of freedom and Thailand proudly proclaims that, unlike its neighbors, it has never been colonized. This has allowed the kingdom to retain its unique culture, traditions and language. From beaches and bustling shopping hubs, to exotic spa treatments and a delicious cuisine, Thailand has something for everyone. It also enjoys a convenient distance from India, making it a popular tourist spot for many. If you’re planning a trip to Thailand for the very first time, here’s a comprehensive itinerary to help you experience the best that this holiday destination has to offer. DAY-1 IN THAILAND DAY-1 ▪ Fly into Bangkok and get set for a day full of novel experiences, as you set out to explore the city. The Thai capital, a must for first timers in Thailand, is known for its magnificent temples, vibrant markets, street food and beautiful views of Chao Phraya River. ▪ Begin your day with a guided tour of the ornate Grand Palace, the erstwhile residence of the Kings of Siam, that dates back to the eighteenth century. While you’re here, spend time at the museum, stroll through the royal gardens, and soak in the grandeur of the courtyards. Enjoy a delicious Desi meal for lunch at the ‘Taste of India’ restaurant, j ...
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