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Mongolian National Flower Presentation

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MONGOLIAN NATIONAL FLOWER Prepared by: Anu Content 1. What Is The National Flower of Mongolia? 2. Early Spring Flowers In Mongolia 3. Yellow Pasque Flower (Pulsatilla Patens Subsp Flavescens(zucc.) 4. Pasque flower Pulsatilla Turczaninovii Kryl & Serg. 5. Siberian larch (Larix Sibirica Ledeb) 6. Edelweiss - Leonopodioides (Willd)Beauverd. 7. Blue Delphinium & Larkspur - Delphinium Grandiflorum. 8. Greater Celandine - Chelidomium Majus.L. 9. Chickweed - Stellaria Dichotoma.L 10. Chinese stellera - Stellera Chamaejasmine.L 11. Bird Vetch - Vicia Cracca.L 12. Rhododendron - Rhododendron Dahuricum.L 13. Where can you see these flowers? What is Mongolian national flower? Scabiosa Butterfly Blue is the national flower of Mongolia. • Cabiosa comosa is the scientific name of Scabiosa Butterfly Blue and it is commonly known as Ber Tsetseg in Mongolia. The Scabiosa Butterfly Blue was declared as the national flower of Mongolia on October 25, 2014. In order to choose the national flower, a two-month long survey was held by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia. 1000 respondents including botanic researchers, experts, student, tour operators and tourists voted for the most preferred one and the scabiosa came out on top of the list and became the national flower of Mongolia. This flower symbolizes a harmonic lifestyle with the nature. • Common Name: Scabiosa Butterfly Blue or Ber Tsetseg • Genus: Scabiosa • Species: comosa • Found i ...
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