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CJA 315 Forensics and Toxicology Presentation

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CRIMINAL JUSTICE TOXICOLOGY OF DRUGS • Toxicology is a multidisciplinary science that studies chemical substances as soon as they are are able of making pathological modifications in living beings, the instruments of production of said alterations, and the processes to detect, identify and quantify such agents and evaluate their degree of toxicity and dispersion in the environment TOXICOLOGY OF DRUGS • To characterize the individual risk of an adverse effect on health, the dose and exposure should be investigated. There are at least three routes of exposure: ingestion, inhalation and dermal absorption. • Exposure is defined as the opportunity for contact and absorption of the substance. The dose refers to the actual amount of a substance absorbed by an individual (Peterson, Sommers, Baskin & Johnson, 2010). ROLE OF THE FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST • A forensic pathologist studies corpses to provide services such as identifying the deceased and defining a death cause. The death cause can be questioned in cases of unnatural death such as homicide, whether the person has committed suicide or not, if the cause of death is undetermined or if there is a question about whether the death was natural or not. ROLE OF THE FORENSIC PATHOLOGIST • The forensic pathologist will then be compiling a report that will include the doctor's opinion about the disease, injury or pathological process that directly or indirectly resulted in the death of the person. The doctor will then be ...
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