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CJA 355 University of Phoenix Personal and Property Crime PPT

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Name Types of crime Affiliation What crime is? A crime is a guilty socially dangerous act (action or inaction), characterized by the signs provided for by the Code, and prohibited by it under the threat of punishment. A crime in the broad interpretation of the meaning of this word means to “cross” the boundary of the established moral and legal norms of a particular society. Difference between a personal and property crime Personal crime: The crimes which are perpetrated against an individual known as personal crimes. These crimes may include: • False imprisonment • Kidnapping • Homicide • Rape • Assault Continued… Property crime: All the crimes which are perpetrated against property is categorized as property crimes. There are range of crimes which includes property crimes including: • Arson and embezzlement • Theft or fraud or robbery • Burglary • Forgery and falsification • Receipt of stolen goods The above given are few types of crimes, there can be many other property crimes. Victimization • Victimization is the process or action to become unjust or cruel for someone else. • Another definition of the concept is that it is process or the final result of the conversion to sacrifice criminal attacks . • Victimization factors are a set of circumstances in the life of people and society that determine the process of turning a given person into a victim of a crime or in one way or another contribute to the impleme ...
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