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MSDS of Hexane Presentation

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ASSIGNMENT MSDS OF HEXANE SUBMITTED TO; SIR NAEEM ZULFIQAR SUBMITTED BY; GULNAZ SADIQ ROLL NO: CHEM-ME-19-11 CLASS: M.SC CHEMISTRY, 2ND SEMESTER (EVENING) DATED: 21-05-2020 DEPARTMENT OF CHEMISTRY GHAZI UNIVERSITY DERA GHAZI KHAN SECTION 1 - CHEMICAL PRODUCT •MSDS Name: Hexane • Catalog Numbers: LC14920 • Synonyms: Hexyl hydride, dipropyl SECTION 2 - COMPOSITION, INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS CAS# Chemical Name: Percent 110-54-3 Hexane 100 SECTION 3 - HAZARDS IDENTIFICATION      Appearance: clear, colorless liquid Danger! Extremely flammable liquid and vapor. Vapor may cause flash fire. Breathing vapors may cause drowsiness and dizziness. Causes eye, skin, and respiratory tract irritation. May be harmful if absorbed through the skin. Aspiration hazard if swallowed. Can enter lungs and cause damage. Long-term exposure may cause damage to the nervous system of the extremities. Possible risk of impaired fertility. Dangerous for the environment. Target Organs: Central nervous system, respiratory system, eyes, skin, peripheral nervous system, testes. Potential Health Effects Eye: Causes mild eye irritation. Skin: Prolonged and/or repeated contact may cause defatting of the skin and dermatitis. Causes irritation with burning pain, itching, and redness. Absorbed through the skin. There have been no reports of skin sensitization in people occupationally exposed to n-hexane. Skin sensitization was not observed in a maximization test using 25 volunte ...
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