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AP World History Ultimate Review Packet V

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UNIT 5 (1750-1900) AP WORLD HISTORY ULTIMATE REVIEW PACKET The Industrial Revolution Overview Why was the Industrial Revolution such a big deal? What was the Industrial Revolution? What led to the creation of factory systems? Why were unskilled workers more likely to fınd work during the Industrial Revolution? What did industrialization mean for the consumer? What new economic theory became the driving force in European countries? What was it like? The shift in the method of production of goods led to worldwide changes in social and economic structures on such a massive scale (shift = making things with our hands to making things with machines). A period of rapid growth in the use of machines in manufacturing and production that began in the mid-1700s. A series of improvements in industrial technology that transformed the process of manufacturing goods. Richard Arkwright in 1769 invented the water frame, a wheel that could be stuck in moving water and spin. Hargreaves invented the spinning Jenny and 1760 which made it possible for weavers to produce cloth at a faster rate. The water frame and the spinning Jenny allowed machine to make textiles faster than any human being. ...
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