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SOCW 6060 Walden University Social Role Theory Case Presentation

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Walden University
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SOCIAL ROLE THEORY IVELISSE TAYLOR WALDEN UNIVERSITY SOCW 6060 JULY 5, 2020 How a person behaves and why they behave the way they do has always been a puzzle. The need to understand human behavior has led to the development of Theories that help evaluate actions and their reactions. INTRODUCTION There are notably several theories that have tried to capture human nature like; Crisis theory, resilience theory, social theory among others. The successful application of the Development theories can help to better understand people, mostly the once who are inclined towards challenging behavior. Presenting Problem  Due to environmental circumstance Tiffani is experiencing role confusion  Separation from parents drove her to Donald where she assume the role of a spouse  Her parents failed according to the social role to provide a safe nurturing environment for Tiffani.  She had conflicting thoughts between going home and staying with her pimp who she considered her boyfriend. The Role Theory  This definition of the Role theory also known as the Social Role theory is a critical examination of the roles, we take in the society based on the Gender.  The Social Role focuses on sex differences from a structural approach rather than from a cultural perspective, in how structural institutions like family, have affected the behavior of men and women.  The gendered view that the theory promotes makes us view different sex with their specific gender ...
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