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SOEN 6841 Concordia University Week 6 Project Risks Presentation

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Software Development
Concordia University
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SOEN 6841 SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT Instructor: Dr. Olga Ormandjieva Week 6 Project Risks (Chapter 8). Additional reading material on Risk Management SWEBOK ->Risk Management Agenda ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ ◼ Review of measurement process How to plan the measurement process in software projects Notion of Risk in Software Engineering Risk Management process Next? SOEN36841-W20-Week6: Risk 2 Review of the Measurement Process the process for establishing, planning, performing and evaluating software measurement within an overall project or organisational measurement structure that meets the specific needs of software organisations and projects. [ISO/IEC 15939] SOEN36841-W20-Week6: Risk 3 How the company will know if the project is successful? Measurement Process Success Metrics (Key Performance Indicators (KPI)) SOEN36841-W20-Week6: Risk 6 Measurement Process illustration Example 1 ◼ ◼ You are asked to develop a software project (in a group of 3) to simulate an ATM machine that allows users to: ◼ Change their PIN (Personal Identification Number) ◼ Withdraw money ◼ Transfer money between accounts ◼ Pay bills ◼ See the balance of the accounts ◼ Validate the PIN before performing any of the previous functionalities. Assume that the SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) document is ready and that the team has to complete the programming activities in four days SOEN36841-W20-Week6: Risk ©2013 Villavicencio & Abran 8 Planning activities (Gantt C ...
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