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CS 135 UNLV Program to Implement the Spice Hunter Game Project

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Computer Science
University of Nevada Las Vegas
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CS 135 Assignment #9 Purpose: Become familiar with C++ two dimensional array's and functions. Arrakis most precious commodity is melange, or spice, a rare and valuable drug found in the deep desert. How spice is produced in the desert is not completely understood, but the giant sandworms are somehow involved. Sandworms are know to protect the spice fields and will attack any activity on the sand. Spice harvesting involves locating a spice field and airlifting a harvester to collect the find before a sandworm detects the harvester and destroys it. It is critical that no sandworm is injured during the harvest. Assignment: Write a program to implement the game of Spice Hunter. Spice Hunter is similar to the Earth game of battleship and is played on a grid. The computer places a spice field somewhere on the grid. The user guesses grid locations where the spice field may be located. If the location chosen by the user is occupied by the spice field, a hit occurs and is marked M for melange. If the location that the user picked is empty, a miss occurs and the location is marked S for sand. The spice field is a variable size diamond and is placed randomly in the grid. To closer simulate real life, a sandworm is also placed in the grid. The sandworm moves about randomly on the grid. Selecting the cell that contains the sandworm kills the sandworm and causes the player to loose the game. To evaluate the players potential as a spice hunter, the number of rounds it takes to locate all ...
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