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DBM 380 UOPX Creating Applications and Activities Presentation

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Creating Applications and Activities Google What Makes an Android Application There are six components that provide the building blocks for your applications: 1. Activities 2. Services 3. Content Providers 4. Intents 5. Broadcast Receivers 6. Notifications Activities • An activity represents a single screen with a user interface. • Most application contain multiple activities. • When a new activity starts, it is pushed onto the back stack. • User interface can be build with XML or in Java • Monitor lifespan through callback methods like onStart(), onPause(), etc Navigation Through Activities • Android support navigation in several ways: • Tasks • The Task Backstack • Suspending & Resuming Activities Tasks • A task is a set of related activities. • These related activities don’t have to be part of the same application • Most task start at the home screen Task Backstack • When an activity is launched, it goes on top of the backstack. • When the activity is destroyed, it is popped of the backstack. Task Backstack Activities Lifecycle States • Resumed/Running – Visible, user interacting • Paused – Visible, user not interacting, can be terminated • Stopped – not visible, can be terminated The Activity Lifecycle Methods • Android announces activity lifecycle state changes to activity by calling specific activity mehotds • protected void onCreate(Bundle saveInstanceState) • Protected void onStart() • Protected void ...
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