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GOVT 2306 Exam I Review Questions

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Political Science
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Name: Class: Date: GOVT. 2306 EXAM 1 REVIEW Indicate the answer choice that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1. Voting precincts in the 254 Texas counties are drawn by a. city councils. b. election judges. c. the secretary of state. d. the county commissioners courts. 2. The Texas Constitution of 1869 provided for all of the following, except a. annual legislative sessions. b. gubernatorial appointment of judges. c. more centralized state government. d. six-year term for all executive offices. 3. Persons who enter the United States in violation of federal immigration laws are referred to as a. undocumented immigrants. b. naturalized residents. c. temporary citizens. d. asylum recipients. 4. To meet the demands of Reconstruction, the Texas Constitution of 1869 a. enfranchised freed slaves. b. disenfranchised prominent whites. c. imposed military rule. d. All of these choices are true. 5. Which is true of the past three primary elections in Texas? a. Voting rates among Republicans was the same as voting rates among Democrats. b. More Republicans than Democrats turned out to vote. c. More Democrats than Republicans turned out to vote. d. None of these choices is true. 6. In the Texas general election of 2000, which two parties had more candidates for statewide office than did the Democratic Party? a. Green and Libertarian b. Populist and Green c. Socialist and Libertarian d. Reform and Populist 7. The process of policymaking that involves conflict and c ...
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