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PHARMACEUTICS-II (Industrial and Quality Con GENERAL INTRODUCTION OF PROCESSES AND USER Mixing: particle Mixing may be defined as the process in which two or more than two components in of any one ingredient lies as nearly as possible to the adjacent particles of other a separate or roughly mixed condition are treated in such a way so that each ingredients or components. This process may involve the mixing of gases, liquids or solids in any possible combination and in any possible ratio of two or more components. Mixing is one of the most common pharmaceutical operations. It is difficult to find a pharmaceutical product in which mixing is not done at one stage or the other during its manufacturing.. Equipment Used In Mixing Process 1. Silverson Homogenizer 2. V-Type Mixer Silverson Homogenizer: Silverson Homogenizer is a mixer. With the help of this liquid mixture, prepend Silverson Homogenize ...
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