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Answer to the CE410 Unit 9 Assignment 3




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CE410 Unit 9 Assignment 3
Career Focus: Activity Portfolio
This course has prepared you to understand the foundations and theories of the creative arts
with young children, how to encourage imagination as well as higher levels of thinking and
creative movement, and how to plan learning activities in the arts within the context of a
developmentally appropriate curriculum. Throughout the course, you have examined the
developmental skills related to the arts. Now it is your opportunity to apply this knowledge
and the sequence of learning tasks as you plan, implement, and evaluate process oriented
creative arts experiences for young children.
The Unit 9 Assignment specifically involves the creative arts, which in this Assignment will
be specifically defined as art, music, and creative movement. Review course Web Resources
and sample activities found in your textbook to develop the following creative arts activity
portfolio. It will include an introduction and four completed lesson plans as described in the
scenario below:
The creative arts activities are your favorite parts of the day at work. Your director has noticed
this enthusiasm and has asked you to apply for a new creative arts specialist position. The
application process requires that you present a portfolio which includes an introduction and
four sample lesson plans —one 20 to 30 minute lesson for each one of the ages you would be
teaching during the week if you get the position (see age ranges below).
Using the Unit 9 Template.docx provided on in Doc Sharing, develop your four age-specific
lesson plans that reflect the theoretical processes of creativity within the context of the
developmental skills related to the expression of art, music, and creative movement in early
Infants: birth–1 year
Toddlers: 1–3 years
Preschoolers: 3–5 year
Early School-age: 5–8 years
All lesson plan activities should comply with DAP and reflect the results of the Young

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Children and the Arts: A Report of the Task Force on Children’s Learning and the Arts: Birth
to Age Eight.
These two documents are part of this week’s Reading assignment.
The grading rubric that will be used to evaluate your final Assignment is located in your class
Syllabus. You may use it as a guide to check your work before submission. Submit your
completed Assignment to the Unit 9: Assignment Dropbox. If you need help using the
Dropbox, see the Guide located in the Academic Tools tab.
Writing Requirements and Guidelines
Your Assignment should include:
Cover page
Provide your name, title of Assignment, course and unit number, and date
Complete the Unit 9 Template
Reference Page
Sources in APA format
You must use at least 3 sources, including your text

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