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Merging Ethics

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Remington College - Lafayette Campus
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Merging Ethics and Information Technology Training on maximum and ethical use of Smartphones and Social Media in Healthcare Introduction • The use of Smartphones in delivering and promoting access to care is beneficial (Garner, Sudia & Rachaprolu, 2018). • However, it seems that most nurses concentrate on these benefits to the extent that they forget its risks. • Nurses must always provide quality and safe care to their patients and protect them. • Safety, quality and protection goes hand in hand, meaning that a nurse must ensure both during care delivery. • Therefore, it is appropriate to know the unethical uses of Smartphones and social media in healthcare which may negatively impact safety and quality of care to patients and the regulations that guide such usage. Unethical Uses of Smartphone in healthcare Violation of hospital security policies, HIPPA laws, Nurses Code of Ethics and state nurses practice acts ❑ Nursing practice is guided by these regulations which every nurse must adhere to (Bride et al., 2018) ❑ The hospital policies forbid the use of personal Smartphone during working hours ❑ Besides, HIPPA and Nurses Code of ethics does not allow it due to security matters unless hospitals convinces HIPPA otherwise ❑ A single breach on PHI will compromise million data rendering others vulnerable to medical-related theft; who takes the blame? ❑ Sending personal protected information that can be connected directly to a specific patient ...
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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.


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