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BSA 375 - Week 5 - Learning Team PowerPoint - Kudler Fine Foods Frequent Shopper Program

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 Further increase sales and profitability  Will offer high-value customer incentives  Allows for data collection of customers spending habits  Incentives are not limited to in store  Partner with various organizations to provide a redeemable point system.  Data collected will provide a very real value and have a positive outcome on long term profitability and market share.  Must follow some basic guidelines  Full disclosure  Of benefits available with the program  Of intentions  Privacy guarantee  Securtiy guarantee  Participation options for present and current customers without penalty  Easy installation  Compatable with present system  Added hardware is an option  Potential benefits far out weigh the associated costs  Join by form or online  Basic personal questions  Assigned a customer ID number linked to a card  Customer’s e-mails will be used for alerts, promotions and new products  Customers will have a personal web page  Tracks customer’s buying habits  Coding  Testing  Installation  Documentaion  Training  Support  Maintenance  Will be done by the vendors programming teams  App created by 3d party vendor  Testing should be done one application module at a     time This will reduce time and cost Manual testing Automated testing Acceptance testing  New system must work in conjuction with the existing     information syst ...
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