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Managing Diversity: LeasePlan

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Managing Diversity: LeasePlan
Women in LeasePlan argue that the company has improved in terms of gender employee
rates in top management jobs-three out of eight top executives in the organization are women.
LeasePlan has recognized the unique contributions of both men and women in the performance
of the company. Managing diversity has helped LeasePlan achieve its goals. LeasePlan employs
diversity to create and market products to broad and diverse customer base. Affirmative action is
also important at LeasePlan because it provides equal employment opportunity at the company.
The primary reason for managing diversity is ability to maintain and grow a business in an
increasingly competitive marketplace. Managing diversity creates organizational changes that
enable all employees to perform up to their maximum potential. Women in top executive
positions will help the organization achieve its goals because of their different dimensions they
bring on the table (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2003).
LeasePLan’s diversity initiative is working, as more women have become more confident
and outspoken in their positions. The confidence helps them contribute to matters concerning the
company, and give their own views. More women have begun occupying top positions of the
company. The organization supports women manage their careers. However, in addition to the
organization’s effort to support women, they need to ensure that the employment is non-
discriminatory, free, and fair. Women need more support to ensure that they are not discriminated
against in employment. So far, the company has made milestones in ensuring women get fair
chances, but they should also protect women in those offices. Cases are that women are easily
coerced to doing something that their fellow male colleagues view as right. This should not be
the case. When it comes to matters of the company, every person is entitled to their views, which
are equally important regardless of gender. The contribution of each member should be taken

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serious if the company wants to achieve its goals as soon as possible. LeasePlan need to ensure
that they give every member of the workforce the opportunity to employ their full talents,
motivation, abilities, and commitment. The company needs to create a culture of or environment
that will allow all employees, regardless of their gender, to reach their full potential. Managing
diversity is one important component for creating such an environment. For diversity to be a
strategic advantage to the organization, there is need to ensure that employees contribute their
full abilities talents, motivation and commitment (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2003).
The diversity program would ensure equal opportunity for all genders. The program
would also ensure women are given more responsibilities to their work. Women would be
allowed to make decisions in the company and argue their cases out. The program would also
ensure that men and women work ethically without cases of discrimination and sexual
harassment. The program will also ensure that all employees are given the chance to contribute
to their full potential. Employees would be motivated monthly through awards, better payment
and high positions according to their performance. Through these different motivations, the
employees would employ their full abilities and talents to perform well. A health competition is
very important, as it will help the company achieve its goals and objectives.
The benefit of motivation is that the employees will work hard to be among the best. The
motivation of better pay, a holiday, and high position in the organization will motivate the
employees to increase their input to the organization. Equal opportunity and discriminatory-free
environment is very important in this case. Both male and female employees will use their full
abilities and talents, which will increase the productivity and subsequent profitability of the
company. The new energy in employees will ensure that the company achieves its goals in a
short period.

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.