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Nursing Question 2 Page Essay

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Population Health for People with Mental Illness

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Population Health for People with Mental Illness
Population health outcomes depend on many intersecting factors in the immediate
environment, community, and the society. An individual’s identity and belonging to a
community group can affect their health outcomes through the risks that they are exposed to,
lifestyle, and genetic makeup. People who have a chronic mental illness are exposed to various
health risks due to their diagnoses and health condition and this presents a challenge for them to
live a healthy life. Mental illness treatment and management poses a significant challenge to
health professionals as well as individuals and this population requires additional attention for
healthy living. This paper discusses the social economic model in the context of people with
mental illness and implications for nursing.
The selected population for this assignment is people with mental illness. This population
is important because the mental state of any individual may affect other physiological health
risks and their ability to access and appropriately utilize health resources. This is a significant
population in the United States because mental illness often co-occurs with other illnesses,
ranging from less severe forms of anxiety and depression to severe psychotic conditions that
affect general function. According to Fox et al. (2018), people with mental illness are prone to
stigma and this affects their social functioning with only 42% of Americans believing that a
mentally ill person can be successful at work. These statistics present a major issue in the stigma
and challenges that people with mental illness experience even when interacting with close
relatives and people they are in a relationship with. People with mental illness experience
additional health risks which must be evaluated for effective nursing interventions and treatment.
The social ecological model can be applied to people with mental illness to outline how
their immediate and societal interactions affect their health outcomes. At the individual level,

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