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Psy 435 Week 1 - DQ 3_What might industrial organizational psychologists do to demonstrate




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Organizations often consider on-staff industrial/organizational psychologists as cost
with no revenue return. What might industrial/organizational psychologists do to
demonstrate their value to organizational leaders?
The history of industrial organizational psychologist shows their effectiveness to any
organization with the services they provide. I believe the one area
industrial/organizational psychologists can demonstrate their value to organizational
leaders is designing performance appraisal systems. An effective performance
appraisal system would both employee and management moral while saving the
company money. Most organization gives a standard salary increase of 1 to 3 percent
no matter how the employee performed their duties. This practice creates bad
attitudes and behavior because employees view the process as not be fair or rewarding
for their efficient and dedicated job performance. The creation of an effective
performance appraisal system would provide the incentive for employees to raise the
bar of the performance and loyalty to the organization. With an effective performance
appraisal system in place everyone could be helped through a positive feedback
performance appraisal. The reports would be customized and could provide follow-
up coaching sessions, especially self-insight executive coaching sessions focusing on
personal strengths, self-awareness, development areas, and strategies for change.
I believe if industrial/organizational psychologists would show how effective their
methods are for other organizations this could be used in their favor, but most
important providing research and studies, devising a plan, then implementing the plan,
while showing progress. Industrial/organizational psychologists must prove that their
techniques work or at least have an impact on the organization. Demonstrating their
value, can be written in black and white, but I believe implementing their
methodology within an organization is the best way of proving that their value will
speak for itself, especially if organizations want to run a valued company or business
that prospers. To prosper it will take a well-organized management and good staff to
help keep the organization maintained and growing.

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