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Lab 4 Final

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CH-112 General Chemistry II Exp 508 – Rate Law – Kinetics of a Reaction Laboratory Assignment Online Lab Instructions 1. Print the Data Sheets, read the “Background” information of Exp 508 from your laboratory book, and then watch the video related to this experiment. Keep in mind that the calculations and data in the video may not match the data given to you for your lab, but the experimental procedure is the same. 2. Perform the calculations on Data Sheet 1 and 2 by using the appropriate equations provided by your laboratory book. 3. Answer the additional question regarding the video. 4. Submit the completed Data Sheet 1 and 2, and Additional Questions in either MS Word, pdf, or jpeg in ONE file through the Blackboard Laboratory Assignment. No other formats will be accepted. (If you take four pictures with your phone, merge them into a single MS Word document.) Calculations: Do the following calculation and record the results on the appropriate Data Sheets. Calculate the average reaction time for each determination. 1. Calculate [ S2O82-] as described in Determining the Reaction Rate in your laboratory book, substituting the volumes and concentrations you used. [ S2O82-] is the same for all determinations. Remember [ S2O82-] will be negative. 2. Calculate the reaction rate using the average reaction time for each determination and the rate = -([ S2O82-]/ t) equation. 3. On Data Sheet 1, find the reaction order with respect to S2O82- , comparing the av ...
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