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PSY 435 Week 2 - Job Analysis Individual Paper ( Probation and Parole Officers




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Job Analysis of Probation/Parole Officers
Pedreed Anjahal
University of Phoenix
Facilitator: Gary Mayhew, Ed. D.
August 1, 2011

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Job Analysis of Probation/Parole Officers
In today’s economy finding a job is not easy. Employers have the same beliefs when
looking for employees who will work at peak performance. In addition using the appropriate job
analysis approach helps to guide the employer in a direction that will work best for that
organization. Industrial/organizational psychologists work to help employers of criminal justice.
For example, the Department of Corrections probation/parole officer candidates must past a
series of test and evaluations, before position consideration is offered. A job analysis method
used by I/O psychologist for probation/parole is functional job analysis. The makeup of
functional job analysis has crucial components that help to determine if a person is suitable for
the job through. However, evaluating the reliability and validity of functional job analysis helps
to support the approach used by industrial/organizational psychologist and the organizations
dependency of this material to help select and praise employees for work performance.
Probation/Parole and Functional Job Analysis
The selection process for probation/parole officers using the functional job analysis is
important. The functional job analysis composes of observation and interviews; it helps to set
guidelines for the job description. A relationship shared with probation/parole and a functional
job analysis is the least complex. The job qualifications for probation/parole applicants must
meet the qualifications. A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in social work, criminal justice,
psychology, or a related study is required for qualifications (Education Portal. 2011).
However, more details through functional job analysis helps to determine eligibility
requirements to work for the Department of Corrections. In the state of Delaware I/O
psychologist have developed physical, psychological, medical, interviews, and background

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investigations. The academy is 14 weeks and covers areas of home and office visits, self-defense,
and deadly force (Police World, 2006). Functional job analysis is a good method use to find the
most qualified applicants. This process can help separate people unsuitable for the position, or
needs to make improvements in some areas. An organization such as probation/parole, must keep
a well-organized environment because the lives of officers and public safety is the focal point.
The Reliability and Validity of Functional Job Analysis
In essence, for probation/parole positions to be effective the organization must have a
reliable and valid system. Functional job analysis is time-consuming and expensive, but the job
of probation and parole officers requires highly skilled personnel with extensive training and
background of knowledge and specific abilities. The reliability of functional job analysis
correlates with the validity of functional job analysis as well. If reliability has a higher mean, this
will help support the validity of the job analysis. Studies suggest job analysis ratings are
reasonably reliable (Spector, 2008). Moreover, the validity is determined by comparing different
methods or sources of information. The validity explains the likelihood and the effectiveness of
functional job analysis.
Appraisal Methods for Probation/Parole Employees
Subsequently, the appraisal methods are beneficial for the employees and organizations,
when an employee is hired by the Department of Corrections to work as a probation/parole
officer receiving accolades for hard-work and effort is expected. Working in the criminal justice
or department of corrections and receiving performance appraisals is an approach used in
functional job analysis. Hard work should not go unnoticed. The appraisal program is designed
to appraise an employee’s performance, to enhance, and maintain a good work ethic. The

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