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Psy 435 Week 2 - DQ 1_Describe what a job analysis is and describe two different




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Industrial/organizational psychologists often utilize job analyses in their work.
Describe what a job analysis is and describe two different approaches and their
Job analysis are performed by I/O psychologists, it is a method for describing jobs
and/or the human attribute, necessary to perform them (Spector, 2008). In addition
three requirements must be met, procedure must be systematic (the analyst must
specify procedure in advance and follow it), job is broken into smaller units
(explanation of job components not overall job), and results must be in a product
either electronic or paper (Spector, 2008). The approached used by I/O psychologists
in job analysis varies and there is no one particular approach. I/O psychologists can
observe employees on the job or administer questionnaires to subject matter experts.
In employee observation, the I/O psychologist will give observers forms and may list
of activities that the observer must look for; this method could take a lot of time or be
costly, however using questionnaires is another approach. The questionnaire approach
is the most efficient (Spector, 2008); questionnaires may have thousands of questions,
no changes need to be made to questions, and comparing employee results give I/O
psychologist the information needed to meet the qualifications of job analysis.
Spector, P.E. (2008). Industrial and organizational psychology. (5th ed.). Hoboken,
NJ: Wiley

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