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Psy 435 Week 3 - DQ 3_Describe some of the legal issues organizations




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Describe some of the legal issues organizations need to be concerned with when
selecting employees.
There are many legal issues organizations need to be concerned with when it comes to
selecting and hiring new employees. There laws put in place which protect employees
as well as the organizations. Some of the legal issues include discrimination,
harassment, health and safety laws, drug-free workplace laws, background and credit
check laws and so on. The discrimination and harassment law protects employees
from being discriminated against and harassed in the workplace. An applicant should
not be denied because they are disabled or cannot perform their job like everyone
else. Each organization provides information for applicants as far as their legal issues
and to explain what the employee's rights are. The ADA prohibits employers from
discriminating against qualified persons with disabilities in hiring, retention,
advancement, compensation, job training or other terms of employment. There are
certain accommodation that each organization has when it comes to disabled
individuals. Most organizations provide drug tests and credit check before hiring
employees to make their selection easier in order to hire the best candidate for the
position. Workplace safety is a process that seeks to eliminate or reduce risks of injury
or illness to employees. Organizations have proper information necessary for
employees to take when they are performing jobs that require them to be extra

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