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Strategic issues facing Amazon Inc. Company Background ❑ Amazon Inc. is an e-commerce company headquartered in Seattle, Washington DC in the US. ❑ The main operations of the company are conducted online through the website and mobile apps. ❑ It has various diversifications such as the sale of books, food, videos, jewelry, apparel among others. ❑ It has experienced a global expansion in terms of the market due to its increased operations. Drawbacks facing the company ❑Failure to offer physical in-store services fit for the competitive environment. ❑The company sells most of its products at a very low margin which hurts it in the long-run. ❑The company has received criticism on unfavorable work conditions mainly on its various warehouses. Strategic Challenges  Competition.  High Labor Cost.  Rapidly Changing Business Model.  Risk Of International Operations. Strategic Challenges Cont’  Balancing Its Investments Versus Profitability  Shrinking Profits  The issue of holiday strain and seasonality  Government regulations Recommendations ❑ The company should ensure that it keeps up with its Amazon Web Services in the industry. ❑ The company should enhance portfolio analysis to determine return on its investments. ❑ The company should conduct a review of its compensation plan through the evaluation of the benefits and wages offered to the employees. ❑ The company should seek measures that can help in the optimization o ...
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