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Psy 435 Week 4 - DQ 3_As a manager you must motivate your




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As a manager you must motivate your employees to work very hard. Which
motivation theory would you use to guide your actions? Why?
As a manager I would use the reinforcement theory. It is the overall environment at
work that encourages employees to show up and perform the duties expected of them.
The reinforcement theory does just that. The reinforcement theory describes
motivation as a result of environmental influences, rather than internally generated
motives (Spector, 2008). However, these two can go hand in hand. I believe if we can
satisfy employees with a workable environment that fulfil their abilities for the job
and allows them to feel as an asset to the organization through these contributions will
increase their productivity, thus opening the door for rewards that are given such as
raises, bonuses, and promotions. I believe to feel internally good we must satisfy
externally. There are jobs that most people do not want to do, but someone has to do.
These jobs for example collecting garbage, cleaning public places, or working in
inclement weather(these are jobs I would not want to do), but I'm using them as an
example because someone has to do them. I believe people who have to work in
deplorable environments should have a reward system unlike others who may not
have to deal with the usual inconveniences that comes with working.
Spector, P.E. (2008). Industrial and organizational psychology.(5th ed). Hoboken,

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Excellent resource! Really helped me get the gist of things.