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Food Production & the Environment Presentation

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Food Production & the Environment Chapter 7 Historical Farming Practices Traditional Subsistence Agriculture • Type of farming that relies on human labor and animal power to produce enough crops to feed a family Swidden Agriculture • Also called slash & burn • A farming practice in which a plot of forest land is cleared, burned, planted with a crop, and then given a long fallow period before reusing Fallow • A resting period for a plot of farmland in which no crop is planted in order to allow soil nutrients to replenish Girdling • A process of killing trees by removing a strip of bark around the tree’s circumference to prevent flow of water and sugar Land Use Changes in the U.S. Conventional Modern Farming Practices Traditional Intensive Agriculture • Farming practice in which inputs (i.e., labor, manure, water) are increased to produce enough crops to feed a family and sell some for income Plantation Agriculture • Farming practice primarily used in tropical, lessdeveloped countries to grow cash crops mostly for export to more-developed countries • Examples: tobacco, sugar cane, bananas • Becomes a big economic influence Industrialized Agriculture • Farming practice that relies on heavy equipment, financial capital, fossil fuels, water, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to produce monocultures for income Monoculture • Cultivation of a single crop in a large area Polyculture • Simultaneous growth of multiple crop ...
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