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Air Pollution & Dust Mites Presentation

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Dust Mites And the Indoor Environment Dust Mite Facts • Found in most homes – indoor environment • Do not like to be on skin, they don’t like being on living bodies • Feed on skin scales, mold, dust, & pet dander • Populations are seasonal • 30-40 day life cycle • Photophobic (fear of or avoidance of light) • Thigmotaxic (they have a preference for tight spaces) • Often found in carpeting since there are tight spaces Life Cycle • Each instar: has an active stage and quiescent phase (at rest) • Each instar lasts approximately the same amount of time • Instar = life stages • At 25°C and 75% humidity dust mites take 25 days to develop in these conditions. They love humidity. • Adults live for 31 to 77 days • Females lay 40-80 eggs each The Dust Mite Irony • Mite Consumes Human & Pet Skin Scales • Convert Skin into Fecal • Fine fecal matter becomes an allergen when it becomes airborne • They use our own skin against us and turn it into an allergy particle Allergen Exposure • Cast skins & feces contain allergens • Airborne exposure to allergens from disturbance mostly occurs while in bed Keys to Survival in a Very Hostile Environment • Food (e.g. skins scales) is usually not a limiting resource even in the cleanest homes • Fabric serves as the likely habitat • carpets & mattresses are most frequently ‘infested’ • Relative humidity above 50% is key to survival Sampling for Dust Mites and Allergens • Home test ...
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