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Arthropod Vectors and Pesticides Presentation

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Arthropod Vectors & Pesticides Ticks Tick Species & Range Scientific Classification • 2 main families: • Ioxdidae (hard • Argasidae (soft) • All 3 of Ohio’s problematic ticks are in the Ioxdidae family Tick-borne Diseases Ticks have a very High Vector Potential • Obligate blood feeders – have to drink blood to survive • Slow feeders (takes much more time to transmit a disease to a host) • Long off-host survival capability – when not on a host, they can survive by waiting for another host to have a blood meal • Wide host range for some species • High reproductive potential (they lay thousands of eggs) • Relative freedom from natural enemies – hard for them to be seen and eaten • Transovarial transmission to eggs (rare for Lyme Disease in Black-legged Ticks) • A mother tick can transmit a disease into the larvae (unique function) which makes it hard for us to break apart since the disease can be passed within their own species. Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever • This disease causes: • Nonitchy rash starting on wrists and ankles that spreads • High fever • Chills • Muscle aches • Nausea and vomiting • Insomnia Lyme Disease • Bull’s eye rash, initial tick bite and halo rash occurs later • (within 3 – 30 days) • Flu-like symptoms occur • Can cause joint swelling & stiffness later in life • Possible heart conditions can occur Proper Tick Removal Method Black-legged Tick Life Cycle Black-legged ...
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Really helpful material, saved me a great deal of time.